Beautiful but Decieving Old Porvoo in Finland

From Lappeenranta we continued our road trip to Porvoo. Now that we had already seen all kinds of things from Nightwish Exhibition to the Giant Sand Castle, and traveled via Saimaa Canal to Vyborg, Russia, we had no expectations when we arrived to Porvoo. We had heard good things about it of course, and that the Old Porvoo is beautiful, but we had no idea how beautiful it really was. We would have absolutely like to stay there even longer.



When traveling with kids anything can happen. In the evening we were greeted by a gorgeous evening sun and there were no clouds on the sky at all. I was thinking I would get some pictures from Old Porvoo in a sun set. But the old cobblestone street was so uneven that our daughter fell on it quite badly. At first we thought we had found the famous Devil’s Staircase, so no wonder this accident happened. But the next day we learned that we had not seen it yet. The Devil’s Staircase is at Koulukuja, and based on the old folks tale, the Devil himself was helping to shape this nature’s staircase on the rocks. At the top of the stairs there is a small view point.

Since our daughter had both of her knees and palms bleeding, we decided to head back to the hotel, and go to bed early. I had to swallow my disappointment on getting pictures on a sun set. We would try again visiting the Old Porvoo in the morning and with some better shoes!

The Devil’s Staircase

The Devil’s Staircase



We did have some time to see the Porvoo Cathedral in the evening before the accident. This cathedral was almost burned down by an arson in 2006 but luckily only the roof burned. It did suffer some damage from the smoke though. Porvoo Cathedral has had a big role in the history of Finland. It was built in 15th century even though it’s oldest parts are from 13th century, and it has survived from several fires and wars. In 1809 the Porvoo Diet was opened in the cathedral by the Russian Tsar Alexanter I, and the sovereign pledge took place. Alexander I subsequently promised to govern Finland. The church is said to be one of the most important medieval buildings in Finland.



Too bad that the cathedral had already closed for the day, and the next day when we returned, it was occupied by some kind of an event. The building is beautiful though, even from an outside.  


Porvoo is one of the oldest cities in Finland. The first mentioning about it are from the 14th century. After that, the city had burned down multiple times, but the least the church and the bell tower have survived. The brochure we got from Old Porvoo showed a nice little walking tour through the city, and all the most important buildings, so we used it as our guide. Among that there are a lot of small boutiques, restaurants and cafes in Old Porvoo.

Next morning from the accident we headed to the square by the Old Town Hall, and it sure wasn’t as pretty anymore as it was at the evening sun. The buildings however, where still beautiful. The Old Town Hall is one of the oldest town halls in Finland and today it serves as a museum. Soon we started graving for some coffee so we stopped by PetriS which also sells handmade chocolates and sat on their patio for a little while. The coffee was good and the chocolates were tasty. After a small tour in the Old Porvoo, it was time for us to head to the capital city, Helsinki.






Porvoo; We will definitely return someday!

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