Finland, my birth place, is a small country in Northern Europe. It’s a nordic country that shares borders with Russia, Sweden, Norway and Estonia. We locals call it a land of thousands of lakes as there are more than 180,000 lakes in Finland. If you wish to see either the Northern Lights or the Nightless Night, we got you!

To see the Northern Lights it is best to aim at winter months and head to north, to Lapland. There you can also meet Santa and his friends reindeer, that roam around free in the nature. But dress up warm because it is cold and snowy! If you want experience the Midnight Sun, you should visit Finland in June. Summers are nice and warm. From Helsinki you can take a ferry to Stockholm, Tallinn or St. Petersburg, but there is also plenty to see in Finland. I especially recommend Turku with its medieval castle or Old Town Porvoo.

Capital: Helsinki
Currency: euro
Laguages: Finnish, Swedish and Same


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Helsinki and Southern Finland