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Clarion Hotel Aviapolis Review – Amazing Airport Hotel in Helsinki

The Clarion Hotel Aviapolis close to Helsinki-Vantaa airport truly took us by surprise with its offerings. It is undoubtedly a wonderful luxury hotel that caters perfectly to families as well.

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As someone who frequently travels solo with kids, I understand the challenges this can bring. The struggle of lugging around multiple suitcases while keeping your kids in line is all too familiar. Suddenly, you begin to realize that prioritising convenience and practicality becomes the driving force behind your choices.

The hotel’s location plays a pivotal role in selecting accommodation when traveling with children. That’s why we have often stayed in a hotel at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport that allows a straightforward walk to the terminal. We visit Finland every year, and we often have to stay the night in Helsinki in order to be able to catch a flight in the morning..

Clarion Hotel Aviapolis by the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

The Clarion Hotel Aviapolis, established in 2016 near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, is part of the Strawberry Hotels chain. It was formerly known as Nordic Choice Hotels but the name change was introduced in May 2023. With a total of 12 hotels in Helsinki and numerous others scattered across Europe, the Nordic Choice brand offers a wide reach.

With its 258 rooms, 12 conference rooms, a restaurant, gym and a sauna, the hotel provides a comprehensive experience. The complimentary breakfast is included to the room price. The lobby area is really charming, featuring inviting corners with comfortable couches—perfect for meeting someone for business or a glass of wine.

If you are looking for something to do, the Finnish Aviation Museum is only few steps away from the hotel. It’s a perfect place to spend few hours. Additionally, the Jumbo mall and Flamingo Spa are relatively close by. For those yearning for fresh air and a leisurely stroll, walking trails begin right behind the hotel.

Clarion Hotel Aviapolis lobby.
Clarion Hotel Aviapolis lobby has beautiful ball shaped chandeliers.

The Family Room

During our stay at the Clarion Hotel Aviapolis, we stayed in their family room. It turned out to be a spacious and well equipped. The king-size bed was incredibly comfortable, and the kids had a foldable sofa bed. This sofa bed easily accommodated both kids along with their beloved bedtime toys.

The family room at Clarion Hotel Aviapolis with a king bed and sofa bed.
Treats from the hotel staff left in our room.
The family room at Clarion Hotel Aviapolis with a king bed and sofa bed.

The room had all the amenities we needed and more; a work desk, water kettle, safety box, minibar, hair dryer and even an iron. I was so happy to find a Nespresso maker featuring a variety of coffee options. I love to have a cup of coffee in the mornings before the kids wake up and this way I didn’t have to run downstairs to get one.

An amazing king size bed in our room at Clarion Hotel Aviapolis.
A Nespresso maker in the room made many different kinds of coffees.

A particularly pleasant surprise was also to find a tub in our bathroom. It really helps when you have small kids and it also gives parents a small moment to sit down while the kids are taking a bath. This bathroom also had a separate shower with a soothing rainforest shower head. Additionally, I found plush bathrobes and slippers in our closet—what more could one ask for?

The room was very functional and nice. However, we did encounter a minor issue with the lighting. For some reason the lights didn’t work at the other side of the room at all. By the time we discovered the lighting glitch, we were already prepared for bed, so we decided to let it be. I’m sure they would have send someone over to fix it if we would have let them know.

A Fulfilling Breakfast Experience

The breakfast was served in the Kitchen & Table restaurant on the lower floor. It had a nice decor and lot of room to accommodate guests comfortably. To kick-start our day, a tray of apple-blueberry smoothie shots awaited us at the entrance—an endearing gesture that set a positive tone for our breakfast.

Some smoothie shots to the guests to start their day with.
Kitchen & Table restaurant at the downstairs of Clarion Hotel Aviapolis.

The breakfast was really abundant with its choices. They had different kinds of cold cuts, cheeses, fish, bread and baked goods, yogurts, vegetables and fruits. Also the warm foods were plenty all the way from eggs and beans to different kinds of sausages and bacon. Like always, I went with the oat meal while the kids were excited to get some crepes with berries.

The breakfast spread was truly extensive, offering a wide array of choices. Cold cuts, cheeses, fish, bread, baked goods, yogurts, vegetables, and fruits comprised the selection. The warm options were equally abundant, spanning eggs, beans, various sausages, and crispy bacon. Staying true to my preference, I opted for oatmeal, while the kids savored crepes with some berries.

The selection of fruits stood out, a point of appreciation since we’re accustomed to enjoying an abundance of fruits back home in California. And, to cap off our Finnish experience, I indulged in one last round of local delicacies: Karelian pastries.

We were especially happy to see the big selection of fruits since we we are accustomed to enjoying lots of fruits back home in California. And, to cap off our Finnish trip, I indulged in one last round of local delicacies: Karelian pastries.

Croissants were extra delicious on the breakfast at Clarion Hotel Aviapolis.
Eggs were served in many different ways at the Clarion Hotel Aviapolis breakfast.

Undoubtedly, this breakfast ranked among the best we’ve enjoyed in our hotel stays. For me, the breakfast spread plays a pivotal role in selecting a hotel, and this was definitely something to come back for.

How to Get to the Airport from CLARION HOTEL AVIAPOLIs?

Clarion Aviapolis is located about 1.3 kilometres from from Helsinki-Vantaa airport but it is easily accessible by train. Arriving from Helsinki, you have the choice of the I or P train, while from the airport, you would choose the I train.

Our journey involved taking a train from elsewhere in Finland and transferring at Tikkurila. This train conveniently services both the airport and the hotel. The hotel stop is named Aviapolis, and just one station away further from the airport.

When disembarking at the Aviapolis train station, ensure you are headed toward Aviaboulevard. That will lead you directly to the hotel entrance. We accidentally took the wrong way and ended up walking quite a lot of extra dragging our luggage outside in rugged concrete. Larger and more prominent signs right upon exiting the train would be benetial rather than small ones and outside of the platform.

Returning to the airport from the Clarion Hotel Aviapolis was straightforward due to the railway station’s proximity to the hotel entrance. A quick train ride of about two minutes took us to the very next station. Tickets can be purchased at the railway station or via the HSL app (Helsingin liikenne). The trains usually run every ten minutes.

A ticket machine is located at the train station.
Trains have signs to show you which stations comes next.


Our experience at this hotel was really quite positive. The tasteful decor and cozy rooms left a lasting impression. The staff was very friendly and always available to address our questions. On the whole, everything ran smoothly.

The ambiance in this hotel was very peaceful, and even with a lot of people in the lobby, it didn’t feel congested. There was a lot of space everywhere, even the hallways in every floor had cozy couches to sit on.

We had dinner in the Kitchen & Table restaurant which was also very nice. Regarding families, it was maybe on the pricier side but the food was delicious. It always makes me happy to see that there is a kids menu, and that the kids menu is not just the typical chicken nuggets and fries. They had really nice portions for kids.

Kids had fun playing air hockey in the hotel lobby.

You can book a room at Clarion Hotel Aviapolis from here.

The most important takeaway from our stay was that it really wasn’t as difficult to get to the airport from there as I had thought. It was actually very easy and quick!

Without a doubt, the Clarion Hotel Aviapolis has solidified its place as one of our favourite airport hotels!

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